The Present: The Filthy Boot ShowEdit

Taking place roughly 10,005 chromosomes after the final battle between Francis of The Filth and Chin-Chin, the events of The Filthy Boot Show follow the outlandish misadventures of a half Swedish mask-wearing soup critic named Boot and his musically proficient best friend Tuvuut (pronounced Tuh-Voot).

The two chill dudes hang out, laugh at the dankest of memes, record all kinds of music for fun, Boot obsessively consumes a wide variety of soup (canned, restaurant, and homemade), and they live relatively peacefully in realm 2.07 (also known as the Swedish Mountains)


Things change however, when it’s revealed that Peace Lords are being hunted down and killed for their chromosomes by a powerful being known as Captain Rehab. Using these chromosomes, he plans on resurrecting Chin-Chin and bringing total darkness to the Omniverse. His plans backfire terribly at first as he does not posses the immense power to do such a thing and instead brings a horribly disfigured clone of Boot containing some of Chin-Chin’s chromosomes (called Chin-Chain’t) into being.

Because Boot holds within him a single chromosome from Francis of The Filth himself, he was put into the Peace Lord protection program years ago and is required to wear a mask that hides both his chromosomal power and true identity in order to keep the remnant of Frank out of the hands of Chin-Chain’t and Captain Rehab.

The Past: End of The Filthy Frank ShowEdit

10,005 chromosomes ago, Francis of The Filth and Chin-Chin clashed in what would be their final battle.

After his defeat and subsequent banishment by the combined power of Frank and Yadaran, Chin-Chin had his loyal minions gather a great deal of chromosomes and break him out, leaving behind a chromosome clone to trick the Peace Lord’s into thinking he was still imprisoned.

A considerable amount of time passed between Chin-Chin’s escape from banishment and his official return to the main realms. During this time Frank had since left his new life as a powerful Peace Lord behind in order to pursue a career in the music industry under the name Joji, Yadaran retuned to his home realm to nurse wounds inflicted by Chin-Chin, Pink Guy was rendered mute and arthritic by Chin-Chin’s attack and retired from music to support Frank, Safari Man joined Salamander Man in keeping watch over Frank’s old home, and all seemed to finally be peaceful in the Omniverse.

When Chin Chin finally did return to get his revenge, Frank donned his white robes once more and grabbed a fat blunt.

Not much is known, save for that a long and grueling battle between the two immensely powerful beings was fought, and in the end neither survived; their chromosomes dispersing across the Omniverse....

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